Carpenter's Kids

Teens meet every other Sunday beginning with

lunch at the church and then Bible Study

and activities of various types



Kids' ribbon dance classes!

Every other Sunday at 3 PM ...  

Join them! 



How to Study Your Bible, for kids!

Sundays after worship

Ages 9 - 13

$10 Per Book 


The Carpenter's Kids have an exciting time of their own every Sunday!
                After worship and singing with the adults, the Carpenter's Kids have their own time of Bible Videos, teaching, puppets, games,and prizes.  The prizes are sweet rewards, but the truths and principles they walk away with are the greatest!  



We have a great team of experienced teachers led by Fred Monize and Jan Hilbert.  Each person in this team brings their unique gifts in showing every kid how much he or she is loved by their God. They inspire them to discover the great gifts and plans Jesus has made for them.

The Carpenter's House becomes a spiritual home built around Jesus for kids of every ethnicity.  It may not be the usual, but that's God's way and our committment!  And that's what kids find in this House as a Carpenter's Kid. 

Carpenter's House                       1309 Broadway Ave.                         Seaside, Ca  93955                            (831)  899-8900