Coming FROM the NORTH on HWY. 1
Take the Sand City/Seaside Fremont Blvd. exit.  Proceed straight ahead on Fremont until you come to Broadway Ave. and The New City Center.  Turn left on Broadway Ave.  On your left at the second light you will see the church on the corner of Broadway and Noche Buena.   1309 Broadway Ave.
Coming FROM the SOUTH on HWY. 1
Take the Del Monte Blvd. EXIT.  At the stop sign turn left and go 1 block to the light at Del Monte Blvd.  Turn RIGHT on Del Monte Blvd, PAST Canyon Del Rey to the NEXT light which is Broadway Ave.  Turn RIGHT on Broadway going PAST Fremont Blvd. to the second light.  The Carpenter's House will be on your left at the corner of Broadway Ave. and Noche Buena.
Coming FROM  SALINAS on HWY. 68
Coming into Monterey on Hwy. 68  TURN RIGHT ON CANYON DEL REY.  Go to the second light on Canyon Del Rey which is Gen. Jim Moore Blvd.   Turn RIGHT on General Jim Moore.  Turn LEFT at the first stop which will be Broadway Ave.  Continue down the hill past 2 stops to the first light where you will find The Carpenter's House on your right.  1309 Broadway Ave. on the corner of Broadway and Noche Buena.
PARKING:  Most accessible parking is in the parking lot across Noche Buena from the Church.  We have contracted with the county for that area and you are welcome to park in that lot as well as next to our building.  

Carpenter's House                       1309 Broadway Ave.                         Seaside, Ca  93955                            (831)  899-8900